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It's my pleasure to share with you with IMAGE PROOF how I bought an ANDROID DEVICE for just $79.50 (#12,700)

Sounds amazing right? But with these image proof you'll understand it perfectly.

First, there is this secret site where you order for devices like ANDROID, CHEAP LAPTOPS, BLACKBERRY etc within the range of #10,000-#15,000 but I'll be more specific about this ANDROID device I ordered some weeks ago.

Do you know that this is the same method those electronic dealers use in getting their device? After which they sell it at a very expensive price to the public? Like my Android device I priced in the market was roughly #60,000 yet I bought it for just #12,700? You can't blame them, its part of biz but you'll only blame yourself for not getting this Android device after reading this article.

This same manual was what a student of mine (DARE) used and made a small (for now! I believe would turn big in time) scale business. Now he sells android device having followed the steps on this manual couple of times and he had no reason to complain about the secret site.

This was how Dare did it!

He ordered for this same manual, read it, understood it, got his ATM, funded it and ordered for this device.
Below is a picture proof telling him to confirm his order
Image confirm order

After that he filled in his ATM details and made a successful payment
Below is a picture of his successful payment

Image Payment made successfully

Furthermore, he confirmed his address as you'll see in the image below FREE SHIPMENT TO NIGERIA
Here is the picture of his shipment to Nigeria
Image Free shipping to nigeria

After 4days of his android arrival to Nigeria he went back to this secret site and confirmed that he has received his 13k Android device without complain because the device was working perfectly ok.
Image below explains better
Image Notification after shipment order

After he got this android he called and told me his friends are rushing it like HOT CAKE and finally he sold it for #40,000

Imagine what this 17years old Dare a student of mine bought for #12,700 and sold it for #40,000

Abeg my friend you do maths abi? Calculate the profit! That was how he started a small android biz! If 17years old Dare can do it, what about you my good friend?
How to get started as a mini importer in the next 72 hours, even if you are dead broke like I was when I started out - you'll so love this... those fake gurus out there don't know it. I'm sure most of them, will even purchase this guide because of this tip alone.
The 4 “secret” 100% guaranteed import portals where you can do all your importation on with peace of mind. Don't even try to guess L. It's certainly not what you think!
The 2 words that get the "brother-in-law" price on everything you ever order. Ha ha ha, drop these two words and you're unto the best lowest price ever.
How to avoid virtually ALL the paper works of importing and eliminate costly mistakes.
My 1,2,3 simple steps to verify sellers so as to ascertain their experience with their past customers. Dare venture into this business without these tips, you're on your own.
My simple trick of knocking of shipping fee, and getting FREE shipping on every item I order...With this trick, even when the seller requires you to pay some amount as shipping fee, he bows to this trick and ship your order free to you.
How to make every payment for your order with your normal ATM cards (yes, the same ATM cards issued by your bank... but there's more to whatever you may be thinking right now.)
Separating the real wholesalers from the middlemen; how to identify the scammers of the industry.
The simple phrase to use on sellers to make sellers treat with you preferentially.
How to compare prices and quality, and narrow down to the best offers.
How to determine hot in demand products that are guaranteed to sell. Going for the wrong products will make you hit the rock like most people that have ventured into this business with half information. Just one out of my list of top hot in demand product made my 22 years old student over N20,000 profit in his first deal.
How to track shipments and confirm deliveries - what you must not do before shipment.
How to by pass every Custom wahalas... This trick is dead simple but works like gangbusters.
How to get manufacturers to brand their products with your name absolutely FREE. If your name or business name is Smart Watches for example, you'll get all your products branded with it. This presents you as an authority and attract more buyers.
How to market your goods to consumers, using only social media (no need for a website - this will wow you seriously!)
One important thing you must do in order to succeed... Miss this, and be ready to turn to the all sorrowful importer.
How to even make more money teaching people your importation knowledge in seminars and consultations. 
And a lots more...


In this manual, I'll not only reveal the secret sites for the 13k Android but also tell you how you pay for this device. One good thing about this sites is that you can pay via your ATM Card.

Don't be surprised! I'll tell you how to go about it. A bank alone in Nigeria is recommended and tested with the payment of this device. Most importantly YOU DON'T EVEN NEED TO BE AN ACCOUNT HOLDER IN THE BANK BEFORE YOU GET THE ATM FREE FROM THIS PARTICULAR BANK now that settles the ATM and payment whatever. This particularly would be revealed if you order for THIS MANUAL.

Now at this point I'll like you to take a look at the ANDROID after been delivered to my doorstep
Image android outside

Still doubting? Take a look at this wonderful screen shot of how my 13k android device looks like inside
Image android inside

WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED? You've got my picture proofs? Its been shipped to me at my doorstep. I guess you're waiting to get this wonderful manual that would. You can even become a electronic dealer with this manual.

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Great 100% safe and secured sites/portals you can order for hot in demand items at cheap rates.

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How to narrow down to the 5 star sellers and even develop personal relationships with them, so that you guys can get more serious and do more serious business together.

How to get the particular ATM cards to successfully make payments to these importation sites,  same day you approach the bank and will not have to pay a dime. You might even have the card already LOL!

The very particular product my students sell that makes them the big bucks – I’ll even give you a direct link to this product so that you too can order for it and resell here. This product sells like hot cakes here in Nigeria.

5 evergreen products that will always sell. Even if you order 1 million pieces of these products, wholesale buyers are always on ground to buy them off from you. You’ll love this!

How to sell your imported items right from your bedroom using just 2 tools you already have… (Shhh….don’t say I told you, but one of them is your Facebook account!)

How to approach sellers who charge shipping fees and make them even beg you to buy goods without paying the shipping fees (I was totally blown away, when I learnt of this guaranteed-to-work tip!).

How to position yourself before the courier companies and make them treat you and your products preferentially (I never believed this tip this much would work until I try it!)

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